Saturday, September 6, 2014

Joan Rivers Project

Please join us in saying farewell, with a very special Project Treasure to one of the most iconic figures of our time, Joan Rivers. 

Help us honor the legendary comedian by submitting a personal note to the family. All notes will remain private, are absolutely free and will be compiled together and delivered to the family upon completion. 

Submit your note today by visiting the Joan Rivers Project link below.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Project Chris

UPDATE: It is with a heavy heart we must share that on Sunday, June 29th Chris Budd passed away peacefully, after his long battle with cancer. The team at Project Treasure sends our most sincere condolences to The Budd Family and would like to thank them for allowing us to peak into the life of such a wonderful man. 

If you would like to send a note to The Budd Family, please do so by visiting

To make a donation to the Friends for Budd Fund, please visit 

When you Google the word Hero the following definition appears: 

A person who is admired or idealized for courage, 
outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. 

Combining all of those qualities in one person seems unrealistic and near impossible, hence the reason the word hero is not thrown around lightly. In fact, most who are associated with the title are fictional characters who can be found tossing around 4 ton vehicles on the nearest movie theater screen. The reality is, it is not so easy for an average person to become a hero because the list of qualifications are not to be taken lightly . However, every now and then a non-fictional, real-life hero breaks his way through the mold and shines so bright you can’t classify him as anything but just that.

Meet Chris Budd.

When Project Chris was created, the intent was to gather a few colleagues and close friends and send uplifting thoughts and well wishes to Chris during a difficult time in his life. The initial invitation went out to 25 people, with a 4-day deadline in place. After one day, the list of participants grew by the dozen. By day four, Project Treasure received almost 100 additional letters from friends, colleagues, family and even those Chris had never actually met before. Needless to say, the deadline was forced to be extended due to the volume of participants reaching out to be a part of Project Chris. It was not out of the ordinary to receive a large quantity of letters for one individual but what was, was the quality of love and admiration that quickly filled his box.

Our team realized early on that Project Chris was different, that Chris himself was different. The common thread throughout was the need to explain to Chris just how much he impacted their life, for the better. The many ways he displays courage and exemplifies what it means to live life with great intention and a wide-open heart. From his close relationships to his family to his unconditional kindness that spills into the lives of complete strangers, it was obvious to the team at Project Treasure that our latest hero had been found.

Simply put, Chris is an ordinary man who has accomplished extraordinary achievements. No he wasn’t born with a super power nor does he have a private-plane and tremendous riches but what he does have is just as impressive. He has compassion, empathy, integrity and an unwavering mental fortitude that can be seen as a gift not only to himself but to all those that flooded our inbox with notes. There is something about him that is both unforgettable and inspiring because of the natural manner in which he effortlessly opens his heart to those who didn’t even know they needed it. In our eyes, these are the characteristics of a real-life hero and something to be celebrated. 

Chris’ friends and family agreed and when they discovered in 2011 that Chris had metastatic colon cancer, they reacted the way they knew Chris would if the tables were turned. They created the Friends for Budd Fund as a way of building monetary support for the man who had given them so much more over the years. Together they rallied around Chris and his family and continue to do so today.

Despite his diagnosis, Chris never let cancer define him and in fact, several people who reached out weren’t even aware he was sick. To those who know him, if one were to Google the word hero or Chris Budd, a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities would still appear, either way. His immense strength to be present on days when most wouldn’t entertain the thought were referred to as courageous. The power to make somebody feel truly seen and heard is an outstanding achievement in today’s world and his moral compass and Faith, noble. After experiencing the movement that became of Project Chris, we’d have to agree. 

“Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with.”

If you wish to donate to the Friends for Budd Fund, visit today.

And for those who wish to add to Project Chris, a secondary Project has been created and will remain open through July 11th. Visit to log in and
create your note to Chris and/or his family. There is no cost and anyone is welcome to participate.

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Best Mother's Day Ever

So, WHO had the "Best Mother's Day Ever"?? 

Thank you for the best Mother's Day ever. 
I read all your notes and cried because I was so surprised and happy - 
I feel so loved! You are all so dear to me, I am truly blessed. 

Special thanks to Katy for organizing such a 
lovely gift that I will treasure forever.

With love and gratitude,Betsy

Never underestimate the power of your words - they can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinarily, unforgettable memory. Your words have the power to give someone their best day ever.

A big thank you to all who came together on this very special Mother's Day Project for Betsy. You obviously left a very large imprint on an already impactful day.

Thank you for letting Project Treasure be a part of something so special!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Words Gone Viral

Think your words can't have a profoundly positive impact on others - even strangers? 
This experiment gone viral may just change your mind.

A Utah youth group's music video is going viral, but it's not the song causing a commotion, it's the awesome message it is sending that has people shouting positive words from rooftops all over the country.
In the video, each boy from the group wrote a positive word on a note card describing each girl in the group all while the girls unknowingly played games in a separate room. 
One by one, each girl was brought into a room and asked to hold up a blank poster board in front of a camera. Each boy the placed their note card on the girl's poster board and walked out of the room. Finally, the girls were instructed to turn over their board to reveal the unexpected words of kindness and honesty on the other side. 
Their candid, genuine smiles are the reason this video has gone viral and make it a must watch!